Feb 2019


1st Newsletter, January 2019


So, Why do you CARE?

The "WHY I?" Challenge has caused quite the stir.  It makes us look at our reasons.  Our truth.  It started with the question.... "why?" During a class in the CR House, a man answered a homework question with a quick vague "I need to change" The teacher had just heard a sermon talking about "asking yourself the 7 whys to get to the root".  So he put it to the test. The teacher leaned back and asked, "Why do you need to change?"  the student was taken back. "Well, I cant stay the same."  (2) "Why cant you stay the same?".  The student looked at him like he was missing marbles. Again he asked, "WHY cant you stay the same?" Looked flippant as he shrugged "If i stay the same I cant stay here"  The teacher  knew he was referring to the progressive weekly chart they all have to do but he leaned forward (3) "Why here?"  "I've tried so many programs, so many groups, heck I even tried c